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Action camera swivel mount with magnetic base. Comes with all the hardware necessary to start recording unique video while sending you car sideways into a turn. With the ability to mount an action camera (not included) facing forward and backward, you can record all the action around your car. The wind vain on the top swivels to point in the direction in which the car is moving. This is different than most mounts available on the market as they don’t allow the cameras to move with the natural motion of the car.  Weighs 1 lb and is small enough to store in most glove boxes.


What Makes It Great:

Dual Direction Mounting- The Swivel Mount gives you total control on what direction you want to record. Place a camera in the front, or in the back, or the front and the back at the same time for the ultimate video!

Magnetic Base- Magnetic base holds the mount to the car with a combined force of 165lbs of vertical pull. Guaranteed hold to the car at high speeds (tested over 100MPH!!!).

Easy Remove Tabs- Easy release tab on the side helps to remove the mount without having to slide it on the surface.

Oil Embedded Bushing- All the swivel action happens on a steel shoulder bolt through an OIL EMBEDDED bushing. This means there are no wear points that will breakdown over time. This increases the durability, reliability, and wear-resistance.

Adjustable Retention- A wavey washer is placed between the swivel and the pitch adjuster to keep retention on the swivel. This increases the stability of the footage, and gives the user the ability to increase or decrease the preloaded retention of the swivel. 

Compatibility- The standard 2/3 prong mounting system was used. This means the swivel mount can be mounted to other standard mounts other than our magnetic base, giving even more flexibility to the user.

Adjustable Pitch- The pitch of the swivel mount is easily adjusted. it is important to keep the mount level with the ground for proper and smooth swiveling. 

ABS Like Material- 3D printer technology is used to produce the plastic parts. The result is a strong, durable, and most importantly a cost effective part.

Swivel Mount

$200.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price
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