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Designed for drifters, By a drifter.

Troy is a Mechanical Design Engineer by trade who started drifting his 1993 325i BMW fall of 2017 in the New England area. His passion for the sport grew rapidly as he wanted to share it with all his friends and family. He would record videos on his GoPro from the roof of the car, or from the inside of the cockpit. Unsatisfied with the static positioning of the camera, he started designing, 3D printing, and prototyping a new design that would swivel with the car as it went sideways.

His main goal was to come up with a design that was easy to mount on a car, recorded smooth footage, and most importantly could be affordable for his drifting buddies at the track. After 2 years of designing, testing, and redesigning, he finally figured it out. Troy's passion for design and drifting collided to produce The Swivel Mount.

Drift Car
Troy Puchini


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