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Rare earth magnets with 65lbs of vertical holding power are screwed into place to hold most action cameras with the 2 prong attachment method. Put it on your roof, hood, bumper, side of the car, on your wrench for some cool and unique shots, or on your refrigerator to see who is stealing your food. Frankly, we don’t care where you use it, we just want you to enjoy this all in one magnetic mount. (Camera not included)


What Makes It Great:

Dual Magnetic Mount; 130 lbs of vertical holding power-Two rare earth magnets with a vertical holding power of 95lbs each which works great for most cases. Try it in your wheel well for some great footage.

Triple Magnetic Mount; 195 lbs of vertical holding power-THREE rare earth magnets with a vertical holding power of 65lbs each, means this thing holds on and just won't let go unless you ask it to!

Easy release-  Easy release tab on the side helps to remove the mount without having to slide it on the surface. 

Mag Mount


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