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  • My footage is too bouncy or not swiveling properly
    Because we believe in simplicity, there is only one adjustment you might have to make. The shoulder bolt can be tightened increasing the tension of the swivel on the mount. As the tension increases, the amount of speed required to swivel the cameras is increased, but the stability of the footage is also increased. The opposite is also true. We recommend that on slower tracks, a lower tension value is used for smooth swiveling action.
  • How do I assembly my mount?
    Take a look at the graphics below. The most important thing to note is to make sure the top portion on the mount is level with the ground as much as possible. If it is too far forward or backward, it wont swivel properly.
  • How does it stay on the car?
    There are 2 magnets that have a combined vertical holding power of 100lbs of force! They snap right onto the car, and are easily removed when desired.
  • Do I need one of those expensive stabilizing cameras?
    No way! We have designed in a belleville washer which keeps retention on the swivel making for smooth recording. Some of the footage you see on the website was actually recorded with the GoPro Hero 3! If you are looking into buying a new camera, we recommend a gopro hero 7 black or newer. They have buttery smooth recording capabilities. Check out the footage below provided by @Digital Adrenaline Drift Media using a Gopro Hero 10
  • Will it scratch my car?
    Not if its used properly. DO NOT SLIDE THE MOUNT OFF YOUR CAR. If the magnets have picked up any metal shavings off the ground, it could potentially dig into your paint. A tab was designed into the mount to easily remove it. Using these tabs will prevent damage.
  • Do I need two GoPros?
    Nope! You can use any camera that mounts to the standard 3 prong mounting system (typical GoPro mounts). You can choose to have one camera in the front and none in the back, or only one in the back and none up front. Or get real fancy and put a camera in the front and back for the ultimate footage.
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